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Faulkner Hospital 


To Our 

Patients, Their Families 

and Friends 


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L HE Trustees, Administration, Medical 
Staff and Personnel, want you to know that while 
you are a patient at The Faulkner Hospital, you will 
be among friends and that all knowledge and skill at 
their command will be used for your comfort and relief. 

Gerald F. Houser, M.D. 


A Short History 

The Faulkner Hospital was founded by Dr. George Faulkner of Jamaica 
Plain and his wife Abby Adams Faulkner, in memory of Mary, Dr. 
Faulkner's only child to reach adult years. She was a daughter by Dr. 
Faulkner's first wife, Mary Ann Spaulding of Billerica, and she died in 
1896 at the age of 37 years. 

After Dr. Faulkner's death on August 27, 1911, at the age of ninety- 
two years, the crust established by Mrs. Faulkner's will was turned over 
to the Hospital, the sums thus given to the Hospital amounting to 
$237,817.89 from Mrs. Faulkner's estate and $248,021.30 from Dr. 
Faulkner's estate. 

The School of Nursing was opened at the same time as the Hospital 
on March 9, 1903. 

The Faulkner Hospital is a voluntary, non-profit, non-sectarian insti- 
tution. The corporate body is The Faulkner Hospital Corporation and 
the governing body is the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is 
elected annually by the Corporation and members serve without remun- 
eration of any sort. The Board of Trustees appoints a Director who has 
the general business administration of the Hospital and the immediate 
superintendence of all medical services. The Medical Staff is appointed 
annually by the Trustees. 

The Purpose of Our Service 

The principal function of the Hospital is to treat the sick. This means 
that high standards must be maintained in the medical and nursing pro- 
fessions, and The Faulkner Hospital has a deservedly high reputation 
for meeting these standards. 

There is more to a hospital than caring for patients, however. To 
fulfil its total purpose it must have an educational program involving the 
training of interns, nurses, technicians and others, who will carry the 
hospital's work far beyond its own boundaries. 

Research must go on endlessly in efforts to solve Medicine's mysteries. 
With all the wonderful discoveries, so many within the past few years, 
the laboratory has completed only a portion of its task. The simple 
remedies of to-day are the results of the toil, patience and genius of 
yesterday. And the hospital worker who is not directly concerned with 
administering to patient needs, nevertheless is playing his part by keeping 
the plant going and managing its business affairs. 


Special Departments 

The Hospital has well equipped laboratories, x-ray and physical therapy 
departments. A routine laboratory test is given every patient admitted 
to the Hospital. All other tests or therapy are done on order of your 
own physician. 

What To Bring With You 

The following articles should comfortably take care of your needs 
while hospitalized: 

Tooth brush and paste 
Comb, brush and hand mirror 
Bathrobe and slippers 
Shaving accessories or cosmetics 
Fountain pen and stationery 
Stamps may be procured from the vending machine in the main cor- 
ridor of the Administration Building. 

You may also prefer to bring your own pajamas or gowns although 
hospital gowns are provided. 


It is urged that valuables not be brought to the Hospital but in the 
event they are they should be deposited in the Hospital's safe. Unless 
this is done, the Hospital cannot be held responsible for their safety. 
The Admitting Officer will deposit them in the safe when you are admitted, 
and before you are taken to your room. 


A clergyman of your own choice will be contacted by the Head Nurse 
if you make your wish known. If you are a stranger in Boston we will 
get in touch with a clergyman of your own faith who will be glad to 
visit you. 

Library Service 

Free library service will be brought to your room twice a week, Tues- 
days and Fridays. Tell the librarian about the type of literature in which 
you are interested. 

Barber Service 

A visiting barber comes to the Hospital twice a week, Wednesday and 
Sunday mornings. Advise the head nurse of your needs in advance of 
these days. 


Portable Beauty Service 

A portable Beauty Service is available. You may make appointments 
for any type of beauty treatment your doctor will allow. Ask the head 
nurse on your floor to contact the beautician for you. She will give you 
efficient, pleasant attention as she is especially trained in the care of 
hospital patients. Visitors may also make appointments for beauty 

Telephone Messages 

We regret that our operators cannot accept messages to be given to 
patients or visitors. It is readily understood that if we were to do this it 
would take the full time of one operator. The operators will gladly give 
the report on conditions of patients according to instructions they receive 
each day. Head Nurses will send messages for patients and there are pay 
stations available for use of ambulatory patients. 

Notary Public 

The services of a Notary Public are obtainable during regular business 

Radio and Television 

In consideration of those who are ill this hospital has provided a com- 
plete individual Pillow Radio Service. This is a coin radio: One dime 
gives one full hour of operation whether used all at once or intermittently. 
We therefore request that patients and friends refrain fom bringing loud 
speaker radios to the hospital. 

Any patient desiring to bring a television set to the hospital must have 
special permission from the Director before doing so. All television sets 
must be inspected by the hospital's engineer before being put into use. 

The "Sun Room Shoppe" 

The Nurses' Alumnae Association, Inc., maintains the "Sun Room 
Shoppe" located in the sunparlor to the left of the main foyer as you enter 
the Hospital. It carries an attractive line of toilet articles, cosmetics and 
gifts as well as candy, magazines and greeting cards. The shop also offers 
personalized flower service, taking orders for flowers for any occasion. 
Volunteers make trips to patients' rooms twice a week with a gift cart, 
stocked with magazines, cigarettes, toilet articles, etc. 

Admission Information 

On the day you are to be admitted please report at the Hospital between 


1 p.m. and 2 p.m. on the day scheduled. We urge that you report within 
this hour. Late arrival may cause inconvenience to you and confusion in 
the dietary department and in laboratory and nursing service. 

It will be necessary for the Hospital to ask questions of a personal 
nature with reference to financial arrangements. We know you will 
co-operate by giving frank answers. Only by asking these questions can 
we help you to choose the accommodation most suited to your needs and 
those within your means. 

Patients are admitted through their own private physician, who must 
be a member of the Medical Staff of the Hospital. 

Patients accepted are those suffering from acute diseases and maternity 
patients. Patients with chronic diseases are admitted only when they 
can be partially relieved by treatment. Contagious diseases, with few 
exceptions, mental diseases and drug addiction are not treated. 

Financial Arrangements 

A deposit of $100.00 is required on or before the day of admission. 
Exceptions are made of Blue Cross members who are required to make a 
deposit of $50.00. 

If you are a member of the Blue Cross please bring your certificate or 
identification with you. Blue Cross credit will be allowed only after 
approval of benefits has been received from the Blue Cross. 

If you carry any other type of hospitalization insurance, payment must 
be made to the Hospital in the regular way. Duplicate bill may then be 
obtained from the Hospital and reimbursement made by the insurance 
company to you. 

During your stay in the Hospital a detailed bill will be rendered every 
seven days and payment is expected on a weekly basis. Should there be 
any question or misunderstanding concerning bills, it is asked that the 
Accounting Office be notified immediately. Complete payment is expected 
before the patient leaves the Hospital. Checks should be made payable 
to The Faulkner Hospital. 

The Cashier's office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Sundays and 
holidays when it is open from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Patients are expected to 
settle their accounts during these hours. 

The day of admission and the day of discharge are counted together as 
one day in the charges, therefore patients must plan to leave their accom- 
modations before 11 a.m. or be charged for an extra day. 


Hospital Charges 

You will find this information on a separate, enclosed sheet. 
Information about our Blood Bank is also enclosed. 

General Information 

Your private physician is responsible for your medical care, operations, 
diets, dressings, etc. It is the hospital's responsibility to see that the 
doctors on its Medical Staff are men of high standing professionally and 
ethically and in this way safeguard you, the patient. 

The residents and interns are young doctors finishing their medical 
educations in this hospital. They have been carefully selected and are 
well qualified to care for you under the direction of your own physician. 

The daily rate you pay includes floor nursing care, regular menu, 
ordinary dressings and the usual drugs. There will be additional charges 
for extra services such as laboratory work, x-ray, etc. Floor nursing care 
means that the nurse looking after you has several other patients who 
need her care also and therefore cannot give her full time to any one 
patient. She will, however, assist you in every way possible. 

Besides the graduate floor duty nurses you will have student nurses to 
care for you. These students have been selected because of their special 
qualifications for the nursing profession and are deeply interested in your 
care and comfort. 

The Head Nurse is the hostess of the ward to which you are admitted 
and is responsible for your nursing care and service. The Supervisor and 
the Assistant Director in Nursing Service will visit you frequently. Not 
only your physical care but your personal satisfaction in your total care 
is their concern. They welcome your friendly suggestions or will be glad 
to adjust any sources of disturbance to you. 


We feel sure that all visitors will be aware during their visits that 
this is a hospital and that many patients are very ill. They will, therefore, 
talk and walk quietly. 

We would suggest that guests limit their visits to twenty minutes. 
By so doing they will avoid tiring the patient and he or she will look 
forward to the next visit with pleasant anticipation. 

For the protection of the patient only two visitors are permitted at 
one time for medical and surgical patients. As a precaution against in- 


fection to our patients, children under 14 years of age are not permitted 
to visit patients. 

Friends or relatives are not permitted to visit the operating rooms 
or the delivery rooms. 

Visitors are requested not to use the floor telephones. The nurse in 
charge will direct you to the nearest pay telephone. 

Visiting Hours 

Medical and Surgical Patients 

Private 11 a.m. to 12 noon 

2 p.m. to 8 P.M. 
Semi Private and Ward 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. 

7 p.m. to 8 P.M. 
Obstetrical Patients 

Only one visitor to each patient 

Only husband and next nearest relative during 

the first four days. 

Private 11 a.m. to 12 noon 

3 p.m. to 8 P.M. 
Semi Private 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

7 p.m. to 8 P.M. 
Day of Discharge 

We do not like to discharge a patient from the Hospital unless he is 
accompanied by a relative or friend. 

We sincerely trust that your stay in this Hospital has been such that 
you leave it with a very special sort of affection for it in your thoughts. 

Board of Trustees 








Horace s. frazer, Secretary 
charles f. rowley, Chairman 



Gerald F. Houser, M. D. 


A DEPOSIT of $100.00 is required on or before the day of admission. Exceptions 
are made of Blue Cross members who are required to make a deposit of $50.00 

Room Rates — 

Medical and Surgical 

Private rooms $16.00-$22.00 per day 

Semi-private, 2 bed rooms ' $14.00 per day 

Semi-private, 3 and 4 bed rooms 13-00 per day 

Ward, 10 beds 12.00 per day 

Nursery care 4.00 per day 

Nursery care, babies remaining after mother's 

discharge 5.00 per day 


Private rooms $14.00- $20. 00 per day 

Semi-private, two beds ; $12.00 

four beds $11.00 

Room rate includes floor nursing care, ordinary dressings, the usual drugs 
and regular menu. 

Operating Room charges $10.00-$50.00 

Delivery Room charges $20.00 

Laboratory — a $2.00 service charge for administration of intravenous 
fluid and a $5.00 service charge for blood and plasma transfusion is made. 
Routine laboratory charges are $4.00 for obstetrical patients, $6.00 for 
surgical patients and $9.00 for medical patients. 

Charges for special laboratory tests, surgical specimens, basal metabolisms, 
electrocardiograms, x-rays and physiotherapy are on file in the Admitting 

Telephone — a service charge of 10c plus tax on long distance calls within 
the state and 5c plus tax on local calls placed through the switchboard is 
made, in addition to telephone company charges. 

Special Nurses — the patient pays the special nurse direct at the rate of 
$11.00 per day for an 8 hour period. 

All hospital charges are subject to change according to economic con- 
ditions. Insofar as possible notice of changes will be circulated in advance 
of effective date. 

November 15, 1951 

The Faulkner Hospital Blood Bank 

(This slip is given to you for your information in case 
your relative or friend needs a transfusion) 

The Blood Bank provides a 24 hour service whereby patients may 
receive necessary transfusions, which may in some cases be life- 
saving. It depends on replacements by relatives and friends in order 
to provide this essential service. 

Information for Persons Donating Blood 

(1). Call Ja-4-3200 between 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. and ask for 
"Blood Bank" to make an appointment. 

(2). Blood is taken from donors on Mondays and Thursdays be- 
tween 4:00 and 6:00 P.M., by appointment only. 

(3). Persons between 18 and 60 in good health are accepted. Those 
under 21 are requested to bring a letter of consent from parent 
or guardian. 

(4). When you give blood, do not take any alcohol or food during 
the preceding 4 hours. However, dry toast, orange juice, tea 
or coffee without cream are permissible. 

Cost of Transfusions 

The cost of the laboratory and administrative work is $5.00 for 
each transfusion. 

There is no charge for blood when it is replaced. Blood replace- 
ment requires 2 donors per transfusion. This is so because, in order 
to function properly, the bank must have on hand a sufficient amount 
of blood of the proper types to supply emergency needs. Your rela- 
tive or friend, for instance, might require a transfusion in the middle 
of the night or on the operating table ; to provide for such emergen- 
cies, it is essential to have a surplus of blood. Also, some patients 
are unable to find donors, and the blood they use is never replaced. 
It is for these reasons that you are asked to replace two pints of 
blood for each transfusion given. If you do this, there is no charge 
aside from the $5.00 fee mentioned above. The bank keeps a record 
for each patient on replacements, which may be made at any time, 
with adjustment of hospital charges accordingly. 

If no donors are provided, the charge is $50.00 per transfusion. 

If one donor is provided, the charge is $20.00 per transfusion. 

For semi-private and ward patients 20 and 40% discount, re- 
spectively, is allowed on the above charges. 

Please help the Blood Bank and at the same time reduce your 
costs. Blood is needed every day. 

Please Help to Keep the Blood Bank Going 

The Faulkner Hospital believes it offers excellent hospitalization 
facilities. If you agree with this through your own experience as a patient, 
will you please let us know. If you, or a member of your family, have not 
been entirely satisfied during your stay with us will you also let us know 
so that we may investigate any suggestion you may make. 

Please make your comments on this sheet, seal on gummed edges and 
hand to Head Nurse on your floor, or mail direct. 


Room No. 



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